The Maintenance Contract…

The ongoing monthly maintenance fee is normally $97 per month.  This covers our time and expense to monitor your site and ensure that it continues to function properly.  However, we occasionally extend a special deal of only $47 per month to one of our clients.  If we’ve made that deal with you, and you have already paid separately for one of our site setup packages, this is the page where you can set up your payment plan for the features described below.

Click this Paypal “Subscribe” button to schedule the automatic monthly $47.00 maintenance charge to be applied directly to your credit or debit card each month.  Your card will be charged $47.00 today, and then another $47.00 each month beginning 30 days from now.

$47.00 monthly


Maintenance Features Include:

– Website status check every 15 minutes (to minimize down time)
– Improved SEO ranking due to maximum website up time
– Cutting-edge website security (to protect against hackers)
– Blocking of IP addresses used for repeated false login attempts
– Website owner can elect to block certain countries
– All software regularly updated to the latest version
– Weekly backups of website and cpanel
– Each backup is saved for 3 weeks, with important ones saved forever
– One minor change to site content per month (under 30 minutes)
– Annual renewal of your domain name (if applicable)
– Hosting of your domain (if applicable) on reliable server